Success stories

South African success stories

Anthony Wilmot - Singular Systems Managing Director

Spotting an opportunity
Anthony started working as a Chartered Accountant and that is where he gained necessary skills to solve complex business challenges in the IT environment. He then realized that many businesses were in need for customized software solutions targeted to solve their unique business needs and that is when he came up with an idea of developing a company that offers more focused range of software solutions developed specifically to assist companies with compliance of share incentive scheme administration as well as the calculation of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on financial instruments.

Khanyisile Nokuthula Dhlomo

Founder: Ndalo Media (2007), Destiny Connect (2008)
Current Position: Managing Director of Ndalo Media and
Non-Executive Director - The Foschini Group
Previous Positions: Manager at Tourism SA (2002 – 2005),
Founding Editor at Destiny Magazine, Editor at True Love Magazine

Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of Ubuntu operating system for desktop and servers. He is the South African entrepreneur who graduated at University of Cape Town with the degree of finance and Information technology. Ubuntu is a beautiful, easy to use and precision engineered for consumers. It has been adopted by the number of people, from families that want a PC that work for safe web surfing, to heavy industry and massive cloud computing environment.
How he spotted an opportunity?
Mark Shuttlewourth spotted an opportunity by realizing the importance of security for computers when surfing internet. This software was found to be useful by many organizations and individuals. This software also fit to any windows that the user is using, it provides a long term support to the users.

Raymond Ackerman

Opportunity Spotted
After being fired as the managing director of Checkers in 1966 Raymond took his severance pay, a loan he took out and combined that capital with the knowledge he had gained over the years in the industry to buy 4 stores under the name Pick n Pay. With a family to feed and the pain still fresh in his mind from his retrenchment Raymond Ackerman saw an opportunity to take a different approach to an existing market and improve the shopping experience for customers compared to that of his competitors for whom he once worked for.